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Alexander, Jim

Jim Alexander, one of the members of the chain gang has made his escape.  Jim was sentenced to the gang for three years for larceny and left the county due nineteen months of his work yet.  Probably he will be captured though.

Source: "He Made Good His Escape," The Daily Concord Standard, 26 June 1899, digital images, North Carolina Digital Heritage Center ( : accessed 9 June 2017).

Nicholson, William

The Shooting of Kate Barringer by Wm. Nicholson - A Terrible Story.  The particulars of the terrible murder in Concord, day before yesterday afternoon, have just been received in this city.  It seems that William Nicholson, a citizen of Concord and a native of Cabarrus county, left Charlotte in the afternoon, accompanied by Henry Etheridge, who some time ago drove a dray for Mr. H. T. Buttler, and the two arrived in Concord about 6 o'clock.  They went from the depot to a bar room and got some whiskey, and then started, as they told some one, to hunt for a negro woman named Kate Barringer.  They found her in a house near the depot.  Nicholson alleged that she had $30 of his money, and had threatened before if she didn't give it up he would kill her.  When they arrived at the house Nicholson flourished his pistol, and Etheridge pretended to have a warrant for the woman.  Some words passed between parties, immediately after which Nicholson ran around the house and fired at the woman, the shot taking effect in the left eye.  She died in a few hours.  Ethridge was arrested soon afterwards, but Nicholson attempted to make his escape.  He was pursued by the sheriff, fired at several times, and after a long race, was caught and put in jail.  Nicholson was at one time a young man of high character, moral and industrious, and is well connected.  He has however, been very dissolute in his habits the last few years, and it was generally known that an improper intimacy had existed between him and the murdered woman.

Source: "The Concord Murder," The Carolina Watchman, 6 June 1878, digital images, North Carolina Digital Collections ( : accessed 19 July 2017).

Starnes, Mack

Mack Starnes, a white man, was this afternoon arrested on the streets for being intoxicated and for loud talking.  His speech was of a political nature.  He talked almost incessantly, audience or no audience.  His conduct caused him to owe the town five dollars.  Mack Starnes is an ex-member of our chaingang, having been off a short while.

Source: "His Talking Was Expensive," The Daily Concord Standard, 14 August 1899, digital images, North Carolina Digital Heritage Center ( : accessed 22 October 2017).

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